Nomtha’s 21st

 The Greatest Show on Earth

Event Planner & Coordinator: Avant Garde Weddings & Events   |   Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel   |   Stationary: Soapberry   |   Décor & Flowers: Kaleidescope   |   Cake: Lady Lucy’s Kitchen   |   Candy Bar: Wade’s Cakes   |   DJ: Cape DJs   |   Tent: Cape Tents   |   Photography: Moments 2 Media   |   Popcorn and Candy Floss: Caterkid   |   Photo Booth: Picture Parlour

Dear Michelle,

Words cannot possibly describe how exquisite my 21st was, but alas I will try my best!

Never in our lives have my mother and I had the experience of working with someone so talented, passionate, creative and insanely efficient as you. The manner in which you came up with all the fun ideas for my Carnival themed 21st and executed them was phenomenal. As I write this, I am actually shaking my head thinking of all the work you put into my 21st just to ensure that my day was nothing but spectacular.

Michelle, since friends and family attended the event you coordinated I have been the recipient of many phone calls, texts and messages exclaiming that this was in fact the best 21st they had ever attended!!Everyone, including me, was taken back by the attention to detail, the friendly staff, the decor, the music, the signage and the list could go on and on. Though you are to humble to admit it, my mother and I were the first to point out that you were in fact the true brains behind the

extravaganza, going as far as introducing you to party goers so that they could marvel at your wonderful work personally!!

I have loved every minute working with you, it comes as a surprise to all my friends when I tell them that this was the most stress free process because to them, my 21st was more of a show than a party! You went above and beyond for me and for that I will always be grateful.

Thank you for turning a silly circus idea for this crazy ladies’ 21st into a fun filled evening of dancing, laughing and fine dining. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly convey to you how great each and every single element was!

I wish you all the best in the future Michelle and I sincerely hope to work with you again soon. You have more than a knack for what you do, the passion with which you approach your work is why Avant Garde is such a successful company!

Keep Well.

Sending lots of love your way,